A Tragedy in a Small Pond
Copyright ©'Hee-Sik Song'(lawyer, chairman of Korea Buddhism and Society Research Center. phone# 02-574-1073)
Original Book: "Civilization Seen From the Orient Standpoint," Mosak books, 1995
URL; http://seunghak.donga.ac.kr/~hssong/history.html
--translated and eddited by Ki-Woon Sung (Dong-A univ.)--

The Tragedy in a Small Pond

A small pond by a wind in a deep forest!

Being unnoticed, peace in the pond started breaking down,

And, nobody knew that was the beginning of a tragedy.

What is much sadder is that nobody remembers the peace of the past.





(translated into ENGLISH)
(Following parts are written only in KOREAN)

Prolog: The Tragedy in a Small Pond

    Part 1. Hegemony and Community

      Chapter 1 ---------- Three dimensions of society

      Chapter 2 ---------- Hegemony

      Chapter 3 ---------- Society and Community

      Supplementry I : Imagery and Value Media

      Supplementry II : Modern Theorys on Society

    Part 2Agricultural Society on Caste

      Chapter 1 ---------- Agricultural Society and Caste

      Chapter 2 ---------- Economic Community: manor

      Chapter 3 ---------- State Community: on caste

      Chapter 4 ---------- Cultural Community: Church

      Chapter 5 ---------- Civilization of Agricultural Society

      Supplementry III :Value and Civilization

      Chapter 6 ---------- Chinese Social Though

    Part 3Industrial Society: Monetary Structure

      Chapter 1 ---------- Industrial Society and Monetary Structure

      Chapter 2 ---------- Possession and Capital in Monetary Structure

      Chapter 3 ---------- Economic Community in Monetary Structure : market

      Chapter 4 ---------- Monetary Structure, Liberalism, and Democracism

      Chapter 5 ---------- State Community in Monetary Structure: nation state

      Chapter 6 ---------- Rationality and Desire

      Chapter 7 ---------- Cultural Community in Monetary Society: state and ideological society

      Chapter 8 ---------- Problem raised by Monetary Structure

    Part 4 Cultural Society: Solid Structure

      Chapter 1 ---------- A New Reality

      Chapter 2 ---------- Peace on Market

      Chapter 3 ---------- Cultural Society

      Chapter 4 ---------- Solid Structure

      Chapter 5 ---------- The Hegemony and the Culture of Solid Community


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